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Choosing A Garage Door

Car In Front Of Newly Installed Garage Door — Garage Doors in Sarasota, FL

Is your home situated in a coastal area?

We will insure your new garage door needs all current building code requirements. All Doors are hurricane rated for your home's saftey and protection.
Do you care about color, style and the overall look?
You can have both functionality and beauty! Whether you desire a contemporary or traditional appearance, we can accommodate any taste. We offer garage doors with a variety of features, window options and colors.
Is your garage door connected to your home? Do you have a bedroom or other space above it? Do you store valuables? Is it your personal workshop?
Select an insulated steel option for temperature and noise management. How you use your garage on a daily basis should determine the type of door you need.
How often do you have guests? Do you have children or a large family?
We recommend a heavy-duty door that not only adds beauty but has the strength to withstand any hits.
How low is your ceiling? Do you have an RV?
Our technicians can install low headroom tracks. Also, we provide Clopay doors that are up to 12’ in height and 20’ in width to accommodate big vehicles and SUVs. They even come with extended doors!
Have you determined your budget?
The price of a new garage door is based upon material, window choices, installation cost and many other factors. We’ll let you know the full rate!